Phone Defender Cases

What are Otterbox Defender Cases?

Specially engineered in three layer design, the Otterbox defender cases are the perfectly attractive and damage-free protective casings for the Smartphones. The Smartphones are known for their slender shape, ease of use and the extremely sensitive touch screen that works on the slightest function of the fingers. However, this fineness comes at the cost of the strength and the sophisticated design and integrated circuits should be used in an equally sophisticated way. In an event of the phone falling down or slip over, the impact can infuse an irreversible damage to the screen or hardware. So, a protective cover is required to make sure that the phone is away from normal wear and tear and is properly secured all the time. For this purpose, the Otterbox defender cases are created so that the phone can be put in them.

Armband Otterbox defender CasesArmband for Otterbox Defender Series Cases

The defender series cases by otterbox come with the ease that you can carry your smartphone easily on your arm or on your wrist. Have you ever worried about what should you do with your phone while you work out or are playing in a stadium? Smartphones have become an integral part of the life, even when we are busy in a physical activity and many apps are developed to keep track of our exercise activities. This is why; people would like to keep the phone with them, but are worried about its safety. If you are having iPhone 5 with you, ‘No worries’ simply attach your iPhone 5s with Otterbox Armband Defender Case that is comfortable, flexible yet durable and fasten it to your Arm. Precisely measured armband will be adjustable and will not leave any itching marks due to sweat. At the same time, it properly fix with your phone and there is no margin for slips or phone sliding down while you exercise. Your phone remains attached to your arm and secure in the Armband for otterbox defender cases’ with long lasting security.

You can find armband for otterbox defender cases for your Apple iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s/5c and for Samsung Galaxy models.

Design and Attractivenessarmband otterbox defender

Through specific designing consideration, it is made sure that the armband should be fit with the defender cases. The defender cases thoroughly cover the phone and no area, other than the required ones like speaker, microphone and camera, is bare or open. Even the screen is provided with a protective, transparent covering. At the same time, the defender covers are aimed to give your phone that perfect look, you wanted. When the armbands are attached with these cases it looks more attractive. The Armbands for your smartphone are available in a wide range of Colors and type of Cases. Now you can carry your phone in different trendy colors one after another.

Adjustable with Three-Layer Design

The Armband are adjustable with the three layer otterbox defender cases. In this sense your phone is totally secured as the first layer covers the front screen of the phone is with an integrated, transparent shield and its design ensures that the screen remains interactive and responsive. To cover the back panel, there are further two layers in which the inner layer is made up of polycarbonate and the outermost layer consists of silicone. And when the Armband is attached with the defender case, the layers will defend your phone against any negative impact or withering like scratching and the attached armband allows you to carry the phone without any fear. Now you can run, work out or play any sports game with full protection just by fixing your smartphone on your arm.

Features of Armband Phone Defender Cases

Moisture Resistant:

Armbands comes with moisture resistant feature that protects your cell phone from sweat particles that might disturb the smartphone functions. So, now you can easily perform your all activities like jogging, camping, hiking and exercise by just using the armband that will save your phone from water and sweat particles.

waterproof iphone 5 armband


The most important feature of the Armband for otterbox cases is that they are waterproof and provide complete protection against water related activities like water boarding, swimming etc. Now all the sports man’s can easily protect their Smartphones using waterproof Armband with otterbox defender cases.

Adjustable Strap:

Another feature of the Armband is that it comes with a strap that can be adjusted according to your arm size. Now you can adjust your iPhone 4s with otterbox armband accordingly and make sure that it is properly tighten with your arm.

Comparison Chart of Top Rated Armbands

Model No.
iphone 6 Armband OtterboxAB86.1Fits iPhone 6
Fits with and without slim case
Size length 5.65"
iphone 5 Armband OtterboxAB84Fits iPhone 5, 5s, 5c
with otterbox defender cases
Fits with iPhone 4,4s defender
commuter series cases
Fits with Seidio OBEX,
Trident cyclops iPhone 5,5s cases
Fits Incipio Stowaway,
LifeProof case iPhone 4,4s cases
Size length 5.35"
Samsung s4 armbandAB85Fits Samsung S4 and S3
with otterbox defender cases
Fits Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD,
Razr M, Moto X and Moto G with
Commuter series cases
Also fits OtterBox Armor for iPhone 5
Size Length 5.6"
armband for iphone 5s with large caseAB84 (Updated)Fits iPhone 5, 5s and 5c
with Defender, Prefix, Commuter
wallet series cases
Fits iphone 4 and 4s
with Large Protective cases
Size Length 5.35"
iphone 5s sport arm bandAB83Fits iPhone 5, 5s and 4s
with Slim Case
Fits Samsung S4 mini, HTC,
Motorola, Droid Incredible 4G LTE,
Blackberry Q10 without cases
Size Length 5"

The above mentioned comparison chart of top rated armbands will let you understand about the features of all the Armbands. These features will help you in selecting the best Armband for your smartphone that will fulfill all of your requirements. If you are having an iPhone 5 series phone with an ottterbox defender case then the Armband for iphone 5 otterbox defender cases Model no. AB84 will be the best option for your phone.

If you are looking for sport armband to carry your phone then the specific sports armband and the updated version of Model no. AB84 is for you to use with your iphone 5 while playing sports. And one can also use the same armband with iphone 4 and 4s with large protective cases like otterbox commuter cases and many others.

If you are using any type of slim case with your smartphone then the sport armband Model no. AB83 will be good for you as that can easily be adjusted with your all iphone series, Samsung S4 mini, HTC and many others.

And if you are having Samasung smartphone with you then you may use the armband for samsung Model no. AB85 that fits with Galaxy series phones and all other brands like Motorola, Moto G, HTC, Droid Razr M etc. This can also be used with smartphones with XL cases.